Tarot Cards, Celtic Hazelnut,

Crystal Ball, & Pendulum

Readings are available in store,

by phone, or by email.

See our online store to purchase

phone or email readings!



15 Minutes - $25

30 Minutes - $40

1 Hour - $75

Email Readings - $10/25*

Phone Readings - $25*

*email and phone readings

within 24 hours of purchase



Herbal Remedies

Let our herbal remedies work alongside modern medicine to aid your body.

A specialized remedy can be made for you in the form of a tea, capsule or tincture.

Please be sure to note the warnings from any medicines you are on

and allergies you have

to help us prevent bad reactions!

All done by certified herbalist, Charles Cochrane.



Hands on energy healing, Reiki helps to promote healing on all levels:

physical, emotional and spiritual.

This healing is completely noninvasive to the body,

just a bit invasive to your personal space.



30 Minutes - $40

1 Hour - $70



Spiritual & Paranormal

We offer both spiritual and paranormal consultations.

If you are having spiritual trouble, or you are in need of assistance

and advice dealing with a situation, we can offer guidance.

If you think you may be haunted, but are unsure,

or if you feel as though something

paranormal is interfering with your life, then let us help.



45 Minutes - $30

By appointment only.


Rites of Passage

We offer services for all of life’s changes.

Baby Blessings, Wiccanings, Weddings, Hand-Fastings, and Funerals.

Please call or email for more information and pricing.



Anything we offer for humans, we also offer for pets!

By appointment only.



We teach several classes and workshops on many metaphysical, spiritual, magickal, and paranormal topics.

Please check out our quarterly newsletter to see what classes we are teaching this quarter!

We also offer free monthly workshops.


Open Rituals

We gratefully host rituals performed by the Coven of the Silver Willow every full moon and every major Sabbat.

Please check out our newsletter for all dates.


House Parties

Contact the Willow to make your house party one talked about for years to come!

Tarot readings, ghost hunts, séances, we offer these and more in the comfort of your own home.

Please call or email for information and pricing.


CEU’s – MA Nurses, ask about CEU credits for Reiki and other classes



The Silver Willow is more than just a store. 
We also offer numerous services

to suit your every need.